Bali & Thailand

Destination: Bali, indonesia

travel dates

April 25th - May 7th


Who are we?

Sam & Risa are a photographer and MUA stylist team that have been working together in Honolulu, Hawaii for over 6 years. They have have a combination of 12 campaigns and 10 editorials under their belts together. Risa’s effortlessly chic and natural make up look with Sam’s film and endless summertime ‘look’ to her photos make for a dual like no other.


What will we offer?

We will produce quality photoshoots and social media content for your brand. We will execute and tend to each photoshoot/photo with their own style and vision at their own exotic location in Bali.

Want to see your products on in Bali? We will also produce photo content for your social media.


Cost & Inquiries

Our service will be a flat rate price of everything combined.

Packages will be available and we can work with your budget.

Interested in our service or price sheet? Contact us now!


Example locations in Bali

deadline: April 10th